About the Chamber

Membership: An Investment In the Future

At the Chamber of Commerce and Manufacturers Association, we view our members as investors in a vision for the future.  Your membership is an investment in a long term vision to build a strong and vibrant business environment in Chautauqua County. The Chamber works in partnership with our members and other organizations to leverage a diverse base of businesses throughout all sectors of our economy.

The Chamber is where all businesses join together to work on common issues and encourage positive change. Working with businesses of all sizes the Chamber drives the issues that matter the most. We are at a place in history where we are witnessing nearly unimaginable changes in the economic life of the region, nation and the world, and at no other time is the hard work that all of us do more relevant, and at no other time is it more important for the business community to band together to support one another and in turn support yourselves.

Providing Value to Our Members

The Chamber of Commerce and Manufacturers Association takes seriously the issues and challenges our members face. Whether it is a main street business, a vineyard or a large manufacturer, we are here to assist. We deliver value through a variety of services and initiatives. We have developed a number of tools to help our members increase profits, make connections with new customers and provide representation on the issues that matter. The Chamber is driving a health care containment project; supporting and at times acting as a catalyst for economic development initiatives; striving to drive more foot traffic into main street business through community based projects; and has launched new initiatives to provide a viable workforce well into the future.

We are here to serve our business community. Please reach out to me or the staff at the Chamber any time with questions or suggestions. Your input is very valuable to us.

Todd J. Tranum

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