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Paul’s Rocket Stoves are custom, handmade, outdoor cooking and heating appliances that use the renewable energy resource of bio-fuel, such as wood-sticks as fuel. As the fuel burns inside the contained and insulated combustion chamber, heat naturally updrafts into the mouth, through the combustion chamber, up, and out the chimney: to provide substantial heat. This burning is enclosed, thus making these stoves safe, rather than an “open burning” fire which is often banned from use in many urban areas. Because these stoves are composed of a high percentage of perlite, a material with great insulation quality, virtually all of the heat is channeled up the chimney and available for cooking or heating - in a safe, fun, and unique manner. Paul's Rocket Stoves is a business based in Fredonia, NY, that designs, builds, demonstrates and sells these custom handmade products to provide everyone with a means to experience the unique joy and sustainability of cooking and heating outside using bio-fuel such as wood-sticks as fuel within efficient, handmade, customized rocket-stoves. Paul's Rocket Stoves is constantly improving the functionality and aesthetics of these stoves: for a better world. VALUES: - Environmental Sustainability, for us and future generations. (Using Bio-Fuel such as Wood-Sticks that are a Renewable Resource, and providing a means for people to have an enclosed fire safely even in the city - to promote fire safety) - Improvement of Human Happiness, for myself and everyone. (Offering a new and fulfilling way to cook food and express themselves.) - Functionality and Aesthetics (Although Form follows Function, both are important. Art brings meaning into life, and Practical and Efficient Function sustains life.) Designing, building, demonstrating and selling of custom, handmade rocket stoves for people to experience the joy and sustainability of cooking outside with sticks.
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